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1) Users must use a polite and correct language. Vulgarity and insults are not permitted.

2) No post about politics, racism or pornography will be accepted.

3) Nicknames that would break rules 1 and/or 2 are, of course, not allowed.

4) Users must try to use a readable and understandable language. SMS language or similar is not permitted.

5) Please use a clear and understandable thread title, This will help everybody giving you the answer you are waiting for.

6) Questions, requests and messages about any kind of keys is totally FORBIDDEN (even by PM).

7) If you post paste any part of your config, you must hide any key/login/password/dyndns/personal information with XXXXXXXX. You can leave the first 2 and the last 2 digits for the keys (ex. RSAKEY=ABxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx56).

8) Uploading files with keys or personal info inside are not allowed.

9) Before asking, use the Search function as you may find the answer.

10) No support of any kind for clones will be provided and the thread will be immediately removed.

Any abuse will be granted by a 3 days ban (1st warn), then a permanent ban if the user is once again caught abusing and not respecting the forum rules.

Please respect those rules and we will all have a great time here ...